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Afternoon Session of Human Right Council. Topic b: Religious Teaching and Symbols at schools.

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Afternoon session on the 4th of April of 2017 started at a rather slow pace. For a good hour and a half there was basically no advances in the debate session, what it consisted on was a further explanation of the main rules and procedures for a moderate debate and how the whole session was supposed to work fluently, and the delegates not knowing exactly what was going on in the room, a joke according to some of the attendants. It seemed as the delegates were in very much need of a siesta after the nice Spanish meal they had.


Finally after a break they had freshen up and were ready to get into discussions and try to make advances in what the main issue was: to understand and try to make clear how much does this affects our society and how can we help to clarify what role plays religion in every country in order to shape citizens of the world.

First thing that was to try to define Religious Teaching models and make sure everyone understand religion and its variations, there should be clear basis on religious studies or teaching policies so that every child gets his or her chance to understand others, like the Delegate of Thailand said. On the other hand there was some more controversial statements like the one that The Delegate of the Republic of Korea which said that indoctrination leads to subversivitiy and that is dangerous.

Also there was brought out the topic of how does Religious Teaching affects terrorism, leading to conclude that it is a matter of context and stereotyping therefore there is need for education and knowledge of the fundament of every religion and how it affects people practising it.

Finally there was an unmoderated debate on the topics discussed in that session which helped a lot to the delegates to get together in order to move towards resolutions to this issue. The discussion took into account some of the following topics: not focalizing the future, prohibition of symbols from French Republic and USA; Religious Freedom; the difference between historical character and determining education of religion, discussed by Italy, Vatican and Honduras.

Also about the symbols it took importance the matter of context and knowing where and when it is appropriate to use any kind of symbols. Also the fact that girls are not supposed to use jiyab until they are 8 years old and how much do they take part in this decision and the way this affects their adulthood.

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