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The session that took place in the morning of the 5th of April of 2017 where the Human Rights Council met to discuss Human Trafficking started much more intensely than others with this team, regarding topics such as Human Trafficking in undeveloped countries for several reasons, like the fact that when the politics or laws of the country are weak it is more difficult for their citizens to develop themselves in a way that enforces their human rights and personalities. Another point mentioned was: Are Human Rights a burden in Human Trafficking? Imperialism as a way of Human Trafficking was another intense discussion because it regards matters of domination, authority and control over humans so people affected of this might be under circumstances which lead them to try to leave the country and under high expectations and fall in the arms of criminals who will use them for this matter.

FOTO día 2 HRCEn la foto el Secretario General, Álvaro Rodríguez, observando desde el Palco el desarrollo del Comité.

Something special that had this session was a guest. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea called the delegate of Saudi Arabia in order to discuss border control. The main point was to clarify the importance of leaving Human Trafficking victims out of the country because they come to the country with their traffickers, and it is important to be welcoming to these victims but it is a matter of consideration the fact that with a victim comes with the criminal.

After this intervention there was an unmoderate debate where our fellow delegates discussed matters such as preambulatory causes of Human Trafficking; borders as a matter of fact further than politics and economics; and the fact that a longer discussion is needed to understand the roots of this problem in order to build laws and enforce them to be strong and prosecuted if not obeyed, corruption should not be accepted under any circumstances. This was the wider topic discussed because it included various items: benefits for victims when they are back in the country and in society including benefits, healthcare and law protection in general; also there was suggested that ICC should be involved because Human Trafficking should be considered a crime against humanity and criminals must be punished in order to create conscience and protect victims across borders.

USA and Korea are constantly fighting in a very sharp, humorous way. USA claims that Korea does nothing but crying and don’t let adults have proper conversations. Point of order was claimed from the Korean delegate because the statement from USA calling Korea crybabies was offensive and requested a reply implying that maybe they are little boys because they don’t live in a country with 55 states that hate each other. The reply to that statement was that if The Confederate States of America is going to say is offensive and immature you can leave this debate (and world).

If there is something to bring light to in this session it is more than the resolutions made or papers written is the jokes, the fun attacks between countries and the fact that it is not left unseen the magical gossip box, there most of our delegates seem to agree that humour will save us all from the misunderstanding, arguments and disrespects.

Alfonso Blanco Santos.

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