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The delegates dream of the final resolution.

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The recommence of the council started without any new ideas. It was an astonishing situation that we were living during the Human Rights Council sessions.  The delegates have continued debating about the specific topic developed in the first journey “Religious teaching and symbols in schools” but instead the efforts of the chairs and some of the delegations the topic didn’t make remarkable progress today. After the official opening of chairs the first motions were on the floor.


The delegate of U.K. proposed to discuss freedom of choice in schools, a motion accepted by the majority of presented delegations.

There were two differenced positions, it was the part of countries that asked to have concern of religious symbols in the name of the respectation of his fisic way of show their personal beliefs.
Confronting this countries, there was a meaningful number of delegations that advocated for protection and respect the freedom of choice in order to take care of the individual rights.

Two distant opinions that didn’t look like to be getting closer on these sessions. A worrying situation for the Human Nations.


The delegation of France defended the separation of church, state and education in order to defend the individual rights of citizens, as it is done in their country nowadays . A posture that didn’t seem to please many other countries present that carry in their DNA a strong religious identity.

Being realistic, it’s true that with the topic proposed in these sessions,  it’s  going to be very difficult for the countries to reach a common resolution.  The reason why? It seems to be clear, you can’t easily bring near the historical confronted countries, sitting in  the same room debating we have seen Islamics, Christians and Atheists beliefs which is a very delicate an difficult situation to have quorum.

After several unmoderate debates, breaks, room departures and nods we have been able to reach some last rounds of moderate debate ever protagoniced by the “interesting” points of parliamentary information and points of order requested by the delegates who seems much more interested in challenge the chairs than in solve the problems of rights debated in this sessions, having said that tomorrow more and better. We hope that  in the following sessions the delegates begin to approach their position in the same way they have being doing in the “pack social” as whe could see thanks of the gossips reading at the end of the journey.

Yaiza Calleja Bear.

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