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The cooperation among some countries that form the HRC make USA to retract for its policies with regard to the climate change.

Today, on March 21st we have assisted to the second session of the HRC. At the beginning, the Presidency establishes the simple majority and the qualified majority and the order of the list of speakers.

hrc 1st session

Morocco started talking about how climate change affects Human Rights all over the world while Russia, which was the second nation to take part, preferred to notice its ambitions indicating the programs that it carries out from 2009 and asked the United States to act consequently and to respect the Agreement of Paris. After interventions, France declared that they were working strongly to achieve their goals and India pointed out that this problems bring natural disasters which affect Human Rights. Afterwards, the United States of America repeated one idea that Donald Trump said on the presidential election campaign, he wants to protect their citizens and companies in cities like Detroit or Ohio and they search a renegotiation to improve their interests. Then, China declared that their citizens are affected by climate change and propose one plan: decrease gases, increase technology and renewables sources and try to avoid the child labor by leading companies in their country. Finally, Rwanda bring policies to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.


Afterwards, a moderate discussion began, 10 minutes and 1 per intervention for participants to mitigate the climate change. Russia had many interventions, they said that the US said the climate change is not real and they proposed to make some plans to stop climate change which most important thing must be water because it is present in all the forms of life. Nigeria asked for Russia, USA, India, China… Morocco to support Russia in the idea of making plans and emphasize measures made by Mohamed the VIth to be more eco-friendly. India introduced their idea of having plans based in the solar energy and China talked about its sustainable area that is the longest of the world. Then, some countries presented some motions which highlighted the Iran motion about the administration of water in the Middle-East and, during the discussion, Myanmar attacked Brazil and they were called to order.


After a small break, some nations decided to ask USA for some explanations about the new policies that Donald Trump is doing in the country. Later, after a few attempts of defense by the US, Iran presented a motion and during the discussion Myanmar disrespected Russia and the eastern country requested an apologize to the board by Myanmar.

hrc 1st session 2

With no doubt, this HRC session was so exciting with many participation and with a lot of quality by the participants.

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