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The 21st of March in the general meeting of the Principality of Asturias, at 12:00 the first assembly of HRC was held to discuss human rights.

Undoubtedly, the main topic of debate has been on the Rohinya, which has generated a large amount of controversy. This topic is about xenophobia against this minority that has been opressed by the military dictatorship in Burma. Due to this dictator, the members of this ethnicity have been forced to leave their country and predominantly head to Bangladesh, Myanmar, and other nearby regions. These refugees have not yet been recognized as political refugees and are living in miserable conditions.

With respect to this subject and the situation involving refugees, there are two clear opinions. On one side, Russia and Myanmar are against helping any of these refugees, while on the other side Morocco, France, Brazil, Iran, Nigeria and Rwanda support helping the Rohingya. France has rebuked the arguments of Myanmar and Russia, pointing to Article 15 of Human Rights that says nobody will arbitrarily be deprived of their nationality, or the right to change their nationality.  On many occasions, Morocco took part by claiming that immigrants that have immigrated to these countries have had the option to become citizens by removing the resident card that they had originally been given, leaving them helpless and without papers.

On the contrary, Russia commented that the other countries do not have to get involved in the subject of citizenship, since it corresponds that that same country has the freedom to grant it or no.  

Right after, despite the great number of reproaches of various countries, Myanmar affirmed that their politics in respect to this conflict were no going to change and were no going to recognize the refugees as citizens of the country.

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