We should empathize with the Rohinya crowd, says Micaela Domínguez.

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Micaela Domínguez, specialist in Human Rights delighted us with a talk which help us to clarify whatever questions were unclear about the Rohinya situation. Right after we could talk to her about her consideration about this particular issue.


Q: What do you think about OVImun?

A: It’s a great idea joining all these young brilliant people to try to solve problems that matter to all the society.


Q: In your opinion what is the solution for this problem?

A: The solution of this problem is really complicated, because there are so many actors implicated in this issue. The main problem is that the real power is in hands of the military. So, the civil administration doesn’t have the strength and the power to solve this situation.


Q: Why is this taken as a minor issue?

A: It’s not taken as a minor issue, but the thing is that, until a few years ago there was a dictatorship in Myanmar, so it’s really difficult to work on that problem. It is true that we pay more attention and treat more importantly what is happening close to home, but this does not imply that we shouldn’t empathize with the atrocities that the Rohinya people are suffering.

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